Jeanne Treat


Dark Birthright



Book One in the Dark Birthright Saga


What reviewers say:

"Dark Birthright, a novel by Jeanne Treat, is set in northeast Scotland during the early 1600’s. One can almost smell the salty air of the North Sea emanating from its pages as the story of a handsome but evil lord and his determination to dominate his look-alike son unfolds. A good man, the son has powers of his own, of which the lord has no knowledge. While one inflicts pain, the other is a healer. Who shall survive?  The first book in a trilogy featuring the Hay and Gordon clans, Dark Birthright delivers its readers into a world of secrets, mysticism, and the ancient ways of the Celts and their descendants. Exciting and filled with action, danger, and romance, this story will send your heart racing."  -  Carolyn Hale Bruce, co-author of the Rebel King series of books


"Because of her strenuous research, this book has all the qualifications a historical novel requires to be truly head and shoulders above the rest of the genre, and you will simply love the fast paced action, the facts about the time period and the location, as well as the language that simply seems to flow from Mrs. Treat's pen. This book is highly recommended!"  -


"Scotland in the year 1619 was a place where healers were hanged as witches, Catholics and Protestants sought to suppress each other, and a child born of unknown parentage is raised by fisher folk as their own son. Young Dughall growing up in a family that emphasized love and morality becomes a healer, displays psychic abilities, and loves a village girl. Then one day a cruel and powerful lord claims Dughall as his son and seeks to mold the talented and conscientious lad into a copy of himself. The first of a planned trilogy, "Dark Birthright" is the fascinating and deftly written story of a young man's struggle amidst the political turmoil, religious strife, and dangerous highland world of 17th century Scotland. Of special note is the descriptive introduction of the fisher folk and villagers that still worship the Goddess despite the risk of being put to death as witches. "Dark Birthright" is particularly recommended for readers with an interest in well-rendered historical fiction." -


Fantastic! Lucky me to be picked to review this book. In summation it’s an adult equivalent of the Harry Potter series… Magnificent human creativity! - read the entire review at: Tregolwyn Book Reviews

Ms. Treat has captured the life of medieval Scotland with clear and vivid prose. You'll enter a world where you can almost feel the spray from the sea, the warmth from the peat fires and the love as you enter the homes of the seafaring people of Whinnyfold. She shows how a noble may rule with grace and understanding or with unforgiving bitterness. She'll take you to the stone circle to honor the goddess with pagan rituals and celebrations. She touches on the healing powers of herbs, and the medieval superstitions concerning these rites. The relationships are believable whether there's love, loyalty or vengefulness. This is definitely a tale for everyone. It is rich with history, myths, magic, and the paranormal. Characters you'll fall in love with and those who you may actually hate. - Karen Michelle Nutt, author and reviewer for ParaNormalRomance Reviews -


It’s 1619 in Scotland.  A child born of mysterious parentage is given to fisher folk to raise as their son.  Dughall grows up in a family bound by honor, becomes a healer, and displays psychic abilities.  As he comes of age, he falls in love with a young priestess who worships the Goddess among the standing stones.  His life is torn apart when he’s claimed by his real father, a cruel and powerful lord who tries to mold him in his image.  But all is not lost.  The lad has powers of his own, of which the lord has no knowledge.  He channels the memories of a Celtic warrior.  Father and son are destined to fight to the death.  Will Dughall prevail and rise to his birthright?